Legal Services for Czech and International Clients

Michaela Seewald

JUDr. Michaela Seewald, lawyer

Focusing on:
intellectual property lawcopyright lawmedia & advertising lawpersonality rightscommercial lawcompetition law

Lucie Vaverková

Mgr. Lucie Vaverková, lawyer

Focusing on:
criminal lawfamily lawreal propertycivil lawlitigationintellectual property lawcopyright lawmedia & advertising lawpersonality rightscompetition law

Petr Horáček

Mgr. Petr Horáček, LLM, lawyer

Focusing on:
commercial lawcriminal lawcivil lawpublic procurementmergers and acquisitionsMBObankruptcyGDPR

Legal help for startups

You want your investors to focus on evaluating your idea. You are capable of implementing your project but you may not know how to best structure your firm or how to provide for your intellectual property and the relations between co-founders.


About our services

We provide legal services to Czech and foreign clients. The maximum supervision on the rights and interests of the client, the emphasis on expertise and professionalism are our basic principles.


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