You want your investors to focus on evaluating your idea. You are capable of implementing your project but you may not know how to best structure your firm or how to provide for your intellectual property and the relations between co-founders.

We will guide you through the process of incorporation, write up the contracts between partners, define your relations with employees or contractors, take care of your intellectual property. We will recommend a suitable financial model for future changes to your equity. We will advise you on all that and we will make sure to facilitate your growth.

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What is it that we offer? Our clients turn to us with different questions that they encounter – but we can tell you how to provide for everything in one package:

Trademark protection:

Why? In order to protect your idea, differentiate yourself from competitors and those you might be mistaken for; in order to register domain names. A trademark has its price and may be the most valuable part of a firm’s reputation.

License agreement:

Take care of your rights – licenses:

  • to instruments (software development kits, open-source software used for your own product)
  • to products (territory, transferability, modifications, non-commercial use)
  • from authors (partners, employees, contractors)

copyright law specialist

Corporate structure:

  • we will help you define contractually how to fund your start-up business, how to make decisions within it, how you are going to grow – but also what will happen in case you want to part your ways

  • we will recommend a suitable type of business entity

  • we will provide for transparent relations between natural persons associated in a partnership

  • we will prepare a fair and secure employment contract that provides for the protection of intellectual property, confidentiality, but also leave, remote work and benefits

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