Brand is value

Your brand has value and you may want to preserve it. Many outstanding entrepreneurs have failed to take care of their brand for the future.

Your brand or the logo under which your services are provided represent a value in and on itself, and that value can be preserved by registering a trade mark. A trade mark is a type of asset that can be sold, among other things.

Why register?

  • You may want to avoid any confusion of services on the Czech market, especially when planning to expand abroad.
  • You may want to prevent your brand or logo from being registered or used for the same services by someone else.
  • The cost of registration is negligible, compared to the risk that another entity registers the trade mark, whether for business or speculatively, or that another entity uses the designation in their business.

Picking or creating your trade mark

A trade mark is a designation of goods or services:

  • a word
  • a slogan
  • a symbol
  • a design
  • a sound

Other ways to protect intellectual property:

  • trade mark
  • patent (inventors)
  • copyright (original works of art)
  • domain name (websites); example: is both a trademark and a domain name
  • business name
  • a combination of the above

What you get with your trademark

  • You own it (ownership is protected, can be sold).
  • Registration prevents confusion with another brand (which is similar or the same) and confusion of related goods or services.
  • Cut off other entities from using similar brands.
  • Your brand appears in the database – it’s public.
  • You can prove your case in court.

How we can help

  • We will recommend which type of protection to choose.
  • We will undertake pre-registration research.
  • We will complete the registration form and register with all authorities.
  • We will enforce your rights when someone violates them.
  • We will protect you from claims by third parties (who detect registrations and sue automatically).
  • We will counsel you on transferring.